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  About the Journal

Journal of Applied Sciences and Clinical Practice, a publication of the Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care (iFMPC), is a peer-reviewed print + online 3 Issues journal. The journal's full text is available online at http://www.jssrp.org. The journal allows free access (Open Access) to its contents. It permits authors to self-archive the final accepted version of the articles on any OAI-compliant institutional / subject-based repository.

Aims of the Journal
Medicine, as practiced today, is an applied science. AIts are also considered an art because of the complexity encountered in the form of a large number of ill-defined variables. The practice of medicine is complex since transactions stimulate predicted outcomes but also unpredicted responses. JASCP is an interdisciplinary academic journal fostering a dialogue between applied sciences and clinical practice. The overall aim is to provide a platform for a generalist understanding of health sciences; towards the optimal restoration of health and wellbeing.

Several physics and chemistry principles are used every day in the practice of medicine; however, the academicians of both sides remain disconnected. The drugs and devices are the direct functions of the applied sciences. The biomedical sciences such as Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Pathology, Biotechnology, and Pharmacy form the foundational body or clinical practice knowledge; Mathematics, statistics, and data sciences tremendously support clinical epidemiology and public health practice. Information technology is rapidly changing the interface of the healthcare intervention. JASCP bridges the gap between fundamental sciences, basic medical sciences, and applied clinical practice.

The journal fosters a generalist and interdisciplinary approach toward better health outcomes.

  Scope of the journal

In modern times, due to specialization and hyper-specialization, there is a breakdown of interdisciplinary communication leading to the compartmentalization of academic medical disciplines and fragmentation of care. There is limited space for transdisciplinary blending and learning.

Clinical practice is standardized in the form of implementable guidelines. These guidelines and standard practices are set by a defined group of practitioners informed by a systematic review of the evidence. Thus the science of medicine consists of the application of the principles and methods of other sciences. The practice guidelines are updated from time to time as the basic science and applied sciences progress. When functioning within their respective disciplinary silos, the scientists and physicians impede the progress of common sense and wisdom within the clinical practice. Care provision at Individuals, as well as population levels, are impacted.

The causation of illnesses, diseases, organ systems, individual patients, families, communities, and their environments are interdependent, and their independent study limits understanding and application of knowledge acquired.

Therefore, JASPC invites students, teachers, researchers, scientists, and health sciences practitioners to push their boundaries. Scholars of all applied sciences, broad specialties, subspecialties, and professionals are welcome to publish their research and findings towards an interdisciplinary dialogue for better health outcomes. The manuscripts may belong to basic, fundamental, applied, and clinical sciences.

APC: Article Processing Fee
There is no submission fee, processing fee, or publication fee applicable to this journal. Submission and free access publication are entirely free of charge.

The First Issue: Make a Mark in History - The first issue of any journal is a historical opportunity to make a mark in the given research domain. The scope and domain of this journal are unique. Students, trainees, residents, researchers, faculty are invited to contribute to this entirely new knowledge domain and its development right from the beginning.

  Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care - iFMPC

iFMPC (www.ifmpc.org) is an organization dedicated to the strengthening of community-based primary healthcare services. Thee institute’s vision is to promote international standard scholarship, training, education, research within the domain of primary care in the urban, rural, and remote contexts. The institute facilitates a generalist as well as a multidisciplinary approach. The ongoing projects include pre-hospital clinical services and digital healthcare products. One of the institute’s objectives is to engage with independent primary care researchers and encourage them for community-based research projects. iFMPC supports primary care scholarship through micro-grant research projects as an intervention towards academic resource development within the academic disciplines of Family Medicine and Primary Care. The institute supports the prioritization of Primary Care and Family Medicine as academic disciplines internationally. iFMPC collaborates with national and international academic departments and universities. The institute has established various publication projects to expand the scholoristic space and professional domain of primary care.

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Journal of Applied Sciences and Clinical Practice, a publication of Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care is a peer-reviewed print + online Quarterly journal.

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